Monday, December 10, 2012

Let's Get Physical

Hello, gentle readers. How is everyone doing today?

I’m doing fine, thank you for wondering.

This weekend was fairly productive for yours truly. I got the critique/proofread of my upcoming book, The Marvelous Land of Ap, from my new Editrix this past Friday. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. My Editrix caught a couple of things I’d missed, made some suggestions and, generally speaking, did not have to use the whip.


Saturday, I worked on the book a little, but most of the day was devoted to pleasure and indolence. Basically, I spent the day lying around, eating potato chips and browsing Amazon.

Yesterday, however, was very busy. I decided to test the waters with CreateSpace for The Marvelous Land of Ap. And I can say, with some authority, that using CreateSpace was no more stressful than preparing e-books for Kindle.

Amusingly, after correcting my page size and uploading my files, I realized I needed to add page numbers to the book. I’ve gotten so used to reading on Kindle and having it auto-save my place, that the practical purpose of page numbers completely slipped my mind.

As I type this, the author’s proof of my book is being printed. I should have it in my eager little hands in a few days and, if it passes muster, I’ll have a print-on-demand book ready for the masses.


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