Monday, February 4, 2013


Hello, gentle readers.

Welcome to February.

I don’t care much for February. It’s a short, unpleasant month that always feels colder and more miserable than any of the other winter months. In my mind’s eye, February is the Napoleon of the Months, a short bastard trying to overcompensate for its lack of days by making them as miserable and wintery as possible.

Part of the effect, I think, is psychological. I’ve had some bad experiences in this month. It is peppered with bleak anniversaries for me that I will not discuss, but, suffice to say, I don’t look forward to it and don’t miss it when it’s gone. During the actual month, I sort of hunker down and assume a siege mentality. I prepare for the worst, even though most of the time nothing bad happens.

And, so far, February hasn’t been bad. I started a part-time job this month at my local comic shop, working about thirty hours a week. The work is pretty easy, the co-workers are cool, the customers are pretty nice and the work environment is stimulating.

So, that’s a good thing.

Sure, having a job means I’ll have less time to devote to writing, but I’m sure I’ll continue to do it. I’m about halfway through writing the sequel to Dawnwind: Last Man Standing. And I’m practically absent from Twitter, but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. Twitter does tend to eat up ones entire life. Or it that just me?

Anyway, even though February isn’t my favorite month, so far, this year, it has been agreeable. And I suppose that being agreeable is better than being outright unpleasant.

So, I am offering a flag of truce to February. I’ll try not to think of you as such a little stinker, if you don’t turn around and bite me in the ass.

I think that’s fair.

Don’t you?

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