Monday, November 24, 2014

A Day Like Today

Good afternoon, gentle readers.
It's a surprisingly nice day, here in my little corner of the world.  A bit rainy, but warm and just humid enough to be comfy.  It was actually cooler inside my house than outside, so I have opened the doors and am airing out the place, a bit.
Today has been the sort of day where one can get things done.  It's a day for running errands and sitting down and cranking out a bit of story.  It's a day for doing laundry and washing up and looking at your kitchen floor and thinking how it needs a good mopping but, really, it's not THAT good a day.
Today is the sort of day where, once you've done things, you sit on your couch and crack open your laptop and check the stats for your blog. And you are shocked. SHOCKED, I say, to discover that a post you did on the fly, earlier in the month, has garnered a spectacular number of hits.
Once the shock passes, you get a warm and fuzzy feeling in the pit of your writer's stomach, and think that maybe, just maybe, you're actually not half bad at this sort of thing.
So maybe it's time to really take another crack at the sequel.  Because, who knows? Maybe, on a day like today, a day when you can get things done, you might actually write something good.

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