Thursday, December 25, 2014



Twas Christmas Day
and I was home,
perusing Facebook,
all alone.

There were Merry Christmas wishes,
and fare-thee-wells galore,
the Internet equivalent
of the Christmas cards of yore.

But as I sat there reading,
I didn't feel a thing,
no urge to wax nostalgic,
my heart did not take wing.

It feels like just another day,
almost the same old grind,
except for having not to work,
which I cannot say I mind.

This day, it has no magic,
not secular or divine,
and it seems this year, more than most,
no one's inclined to be kind.

The news is full of protests,
of riots and unrest.
Whatever happened to this day,
bringing out our best?

This season, supposedly full of joy,
just seems to bring us down.
When did this day of faith and cheer,
become a time of frowns?

I do not have an answer,
this riddle has me beat.
Perhaps sharper minds or better souls,
can overcome this feat?

I only hope, as I sit here,
reading my Facebook feed,
is that people realize what they've got,
in these days of need.

I'm not talking about presents,
but of subtler lessons learned,
the fact that they are truly loved,
and are loving in return.

Maybe Lennon had the answer,
and the world just needs a shove,
to save the day and see the way,
maybe all we need is love?

Twas Christmas Day,
and I was home,
perusing Facebook,
all alone.

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