Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Writing? Eh.

Good afternoon, gentle readers!
It's the second week of 2016 and, to be honest, this new year has gotten off to a bit of a shit start.
Natalie Cole passed away on January 1st and just this past Sunday we lost David Bowie. Two great musical talents....gone.
It makes one think of the impermanence of existence, of legacies and how we'll be remembered.  If we're remembered at all.
I hate to admit it, but I think writing is my way of giving Death the finger.  The Grim Reaper is going to take me, sure, but whatever I've written will survive my death.  It'll float around on the Internet, maybe printed out here and there, spoken of by people.
My writing will be my legacy.
So, if that's the case, why the hell haven't I written anything lately?
That's a very good question, ladies and gentlemen.
I wish I had an answer.
I could say it's the job.  Things have been crazy at the shop where I work.
I could say it's a lack of inspiration, but that's not exactly true.
Maybe it's a lack of discipline? I used to make myself write every day.
Not so much.
Now, I have been doing some writing, but it's not really writing for publication.  It's more like personal journaling a.k.a. blowing off steam.
And I haven't even been doing that all that much.
Lately, whenever I sit down with my laptop, all I want to do is watch YouTube videos or check out what's new on Netflix.
But it's 2016. Right? The start of a brand new year.  So, I'm going to try and get my nose against the grindstone again, to publish at least one new story this year.
It probably won't be Shakespeare, but it'll be something.

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