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Thornhold: Districts of the Lonely City

Thornhold consists of seven Districts, which in turn, contain various neighborhoods.  The city Districts are Wolf, Sabre, Pines, Falcon, Faith, Grayhart and Key.

Wolf District is the northernmost of the city’s seven districts, bordered on the south by Blade Street and the east by Philoma Avenue.  Largely residential, Wolf District is the home to the city’s wealthy upper echelons, many of whom are the descendants of exiled nobles.  In recent decades, however, successful merchants have moved into the neighborhood, marrying into the noble bloodlines.
Notable sites include Wolf Hall, the home of the family who share their name with the district, and Ennis Green, a public park that is popular with residents from all over the Northside.
The most prominent resident of the district is Lord John Wolf, a direct descendent of one of Thornhold’s founding families.  A handsome, charismatic man, Lord Wolf is the oldest serving member of the current Septum Council and, according to some sources, he has his eye on the Eighth Chair.

Sabre District lies directly south of Wolf District and is bounded on the west by the city walls and on the east by Domnia Avenue. Domnia Avenue acts as the official border between Sabre and Pine Districts.  On the south, Sabre District is bordered by the River Cassiel.
Although mostly residential, along Riverside Way are several shops, restaurants and cafes.  Popular destinations include Remus Sochik’s bookshop, near the Brides’ Bridge, and the fashion boutique of Madame Grinna Illery.
One of the district’s best known residents is Andara Desirae, a Tiefling woman who hosts a weekly salon above her tea shop.  The cream of the city’s social set vie for invitations to Mistress Desirae’s, where topics of conversation range from fashion to politics and philosophy.

Sandwiched between the other Northside Districts is Pine District.  Lying at the heart of the Northside, Pine District is bounded on the north by Ennis Green and on the south by the River Cassiel. In addition to its Human majority, Pine District is also the home to a significant number of Thornhold’s Dwarves.
Pine District is the commercial and industrial heart of Thornhold. Most of the city’s manufactories and workshops are here, owned and run by mercantile dwarves. The Ardelart Family, the wealthiest Dwarf family in Thornhold, makes their home in the Pine District. The Dwarven Bank of Ardelart, the only other bank in Thornhold, also has its offices and vaults in Pine District.
Hyatt Niche is the Halfling butler to the Ardelart Family. Impeccably groomed and immaculately dressed, Niche started as an orphan in Faith District. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Ardelarts business holdings and social relationships, and could be a useful source of information if approached properly. On the other hand, if antagonized or threatened, he could prove a dangerous enemy.

Bounded on the north and east by the city walls, on the west by St. Marianica Avenue and on the south by the River Cassiel, the Falcon District is home to a large number of Thornhold’s Tieflings.  With a significant industrial base, second only to that of Pine District, Falcon District’s residents are predominantly poor and middle class.  Many of the properties north of the river have been abandoned, taken over by squatters and criminals.  Despite this crime isn’t really a problem in Falcon District. This is due to the presence of vigilante groups like the Crook and the Orcson’s Fist.
Notable places in Falcon District include The Devil’s Lantern, a popular inn on Riverside Way, and the Church of St. Ajadette the Hospitalier.
A familiar sight in the district is Father Takani, of St. Ajadette’s, taking his morning constitutional along the River Cassiel.

South of the River Cassiel is the Grayhart District. Bounded on the east and south by the city walls, and on the west by Velusa’s Way, Grayhart is dominated by the Monastery of St. Xinquist the Pure.  Grayhart is also the home to Thornhold’s elderly Orc population.
St. Xinquist dominates Grayhart, practically a city within the city.  It stands behind stout stone walls and strong wooden gates.  Many of its lay brothers are Orcs.
Another place of interest in Grayhart is the Orillian Ossuarium. Generations of the bones of Thornhold’s dead reside within the depths of the Ossuarium and on some nights people claim to see strange lights floating around the building. The Ossuarium is tended by the brothers from St. Xinquist.

West of Grayhart, on the other side of Velusa’s Way, is the Faith District. Bordered on the north by the River Cassiel and on the south and west by the city walls, the Faith District is a mishmash of farmers’ fields, mostly abandoned temples, repurposed warehouses and apartment buildings. Most of the district’s farm workers are Halflings, who make their homes around Korsae Square and along River’s Edge.
Notable landmarks in the district include Empty Street, where most of the city’s temples to the old gods were built.  Most of these temples have long been abandoned, their worshipers embracing the Divine Child or freethinking philosophies. Still, not all the old temples have been abandoned; the Temple of Lythander still has devotees who attend, as well as the Temple of Torm.

East of Faith District and south of Grayhart, lies the Key District.  Thornhold’s southernmost district, it is bounded on the south and east by the city walls.  The original site of the city’s government, today the Key District is the site of Hunt College, the only school of higher learning in the city.  Not far away from Hunt College is the Beggars’ Yard, where the city’s indigent and homeless receive alms, and Executioner’s Square where convicted criminals are put to death.
The current Executioner is a human man named Kears Mormu who lives in a small house near Executioner’s Square with his wife, Rynella.  To a stranger they might appear as a pleasant older couple, but Kears has executed hundreds of criminals in his time and is an expert with noose, knife and axe.

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