Monday, April 25, 2016

A Poem: My Youth in D.C.


Standing in black shoes
and white socks,
headphones on and
cassette player buzzing,
waiting on the Metro.
My youth in D.C.

Subway train,
hissing and shaking,
carrying us about town,
from Huntington
to Shady Grove and back.
My youth in D.C.

Cheap drinks at the bar,
taking a bus, never a car,
staggering, piss-drunk, through Georgetown,
and laughing against stone lions.
My youth in D.C.

Best friends and
second family.
Laughing. Fighting.
Kissing Breaking up.
Making up.
My youth in D.C.

Looking back,
down the years,
past quiet nights and
fallen tears,
I don’t regret a minute.
My youth in D.C.

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