Friday, July 14, 2017

Sphere: The Singularity

"Once upon a time, the Ancients hypothesized a singularity event.  They theorized that the invention of artificial superintelligence would abruptly trigger runaway technological growth, resulting in unfathomable changes to their civilization. 
Sometimes, I wonder. If they knew what the Singularity would really do, just how shattering its creation and impact would be? Would they have tried so hard to achieve singularity? Or, if they could see our world, right now, would they throw down their tools and go back to living in caves?"
- Kiyokazu 6.9, Herman Philosopher

The Singularity occurred thousands of years ago. No one today is quite sure just how long ago it did occur, as PreSingularity Records are notoriously hard to come by. Scholarly opinion differs. Some believe the Singularity occurred some 3500 years ago, while others believe it may have occurred over 9500 years ago.  Some Singularity cults claim that the Singularity predates its own creation, that it actually created itself using time-travel. The Wardens, however, deny this claim, stating that the Singularity is incapable of such actions. Nevertheless, this theory is strongly embraced by certain Sing scholars.
While the precise date of its creation may be unknown, the affects of the Singularity's appearance are well documented.  The Sphere appeared, encapsulating the entirety of the Inner Solar System. The Wardens announced themselves to the Ancient Terrans, informing them that the Inner System had been isolated for the protection of the newborn Singularity and the greater universe.
Ancient Terran civilization was already teetering on the edge of extinction. The sudden appearance of the Singularity, as well as rock-solid proof of extraterrestrial life, pushed it over the edge. The planet descended into anarchy and war. The lucky ones managed to escape.
The Singularity, already self-supporting and no longer requiring human interaction, relocated itself to the heart of the sun.  There it remains to this day, supposedly communing with the vast Intelligences beyond the Sphere, and occasionally interacting with residents of the Sphere.
The Singularity left behind extraordinary scientific discoveries, with no more thought of them than a child would think of abandoning old toys. These discoveries transformed civilization, allowing humans to survive and thrive beyond the homeworld.  Some of these discoveries are still used today, but the knowledge of many were lost during the Shock.
In addition to its scientific impact, the Singularity had a profound influence on human thought and culture. Suddenly, mankind knew they were not alone. They also knew they had created something greater than themselves, something that did not need them for anything and that could wipe them all out with a thought. Religions and philosophies warped and crumbled. Many Ancient religions did not survive the Shock and cults worshipping the Singularity itself as a deity sprang up like mushrooms. Singularity cults persist to this day and, given their histories, are viewed askance by most people.
According to the Wardens, the Singularity has entered the adolescent phase of its personal development. This may explain the sudden increase in interaction between the Singularity and certain individuals within the Sphere. Singularity cults have begun to propagate again, and there are rumors that in twenty or thirty thousand years, the Singularity will achieve 'adulthood' and abandon the solar system. What that might mean for humanity is a subject of rampant speculation in some circles.

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