Monday, March 26, 2012


Gentle reader, distractions when you write are a pain in the ass.
Forgive my bluntness, but it's the truth.
I find it impossible to write with someone else at the table, yammering at me.  How some people can manage to write in a noisy cafe is completely beyond me.   As for those people who manage to write with children underfoot?  I suspect they must have mental concentration superior to that of a venerable Kung Fu master.
I, gentle reader, need the quiet to write.  Or, if that isn't possible, some good white noise to drown out the world around me.  Nothing cuts through my concentration like the twitter of birds, the high-pitched voices of neighborhood children shrieking in pleasure during some game, the mutterings of my aged mother as she ambles around the house.
So, if silence isn't available, I slip on my headphones and listen to music.  Instrumental stuff.  Classical piano works well for me, or orchestral groups like Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  Nothing with a voice.  I can't write with someone yammering in my ear, and I don't believe I'm alone in this either.
That's why writers, gentle reader, tend to be solitary when we write.  Being able to concentrate on your work is essential. 
So, if you do get bitten by the writer's bug, or have already succumbed, I highly recommend finding somewhere quiet that you can claim as your own work space.
And, if the outside world intrudes on that space?  Invest in some good headphones and a nice selection of piano concertos.

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