Saturday, April 21, 2012

Poem: The Writer & His Critic

The Writer and his Critic,
went to sea in a pea-green boat.
The Writer banged on a laptop,
while his Critic had a smoke.

The Writer’s finished story,
was passed to his Critic’s hand.
The Critic read the story,
then declared it "Banal and bland."

The Writer went to work again,
banging on the keys.
The Critic sat and watched the sky,
pondering the birds and bees.

The Writer’s second story,
was passed over for review.
His Critic read it and sighed.
"Can’t you come up with anything new?"

The Writer bent to his task again,
a frown upon his face.
His Critic sat and filed his nails,
the picture of indolent grace.

The Writer’s third story,
was handed over with aplomb.
His Critic read through it twice,
before declaring it ‘a bomb.’

Incensed, the Writer stood,
and grabbed a pea-green oar,
"I’ve had it with your analyses!
You’re a dullard and a bore!"

The Writer returned to shore that night,
happy and alone.
His Critic finally silenced,
and sunken like a stone.

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