Monday, June 11, 2012

A much-needed break

Good afternoon, gentle readers.  How is everyone doing this fine Monday? 
Have a rough day?
Poor thing.
I can commiserate.
This past weekend, I did a two-day free promotional giveaway of my first novel, Dawnwind: Last Man Standing.  Every hour on the hour I was promoting the heck out of it. By the time the promotional giveaway ended, Dawnwind had clawed its way to the #25 position on Kindle's Top 100 Free Sci-Fi Books.
Today, I am mentally exhausted. I'm taking a Twitter sabbatical for the day.  I'm trying my hardest not to log into my KDP account and see if I've had any additional purchases.  Most difficult of all, I am resisting the urge to check my book's page every fifteen minutes to see if anyone has left a review.
Writers, gentle readers, pray for reviews the way a farmer prays for rain.
No, today, I am taking a break from promotion and writing.  I am going to rest and, hopefully, rejuvenate some brain cells.  Perhaps, by tomorrow, my eyes won't feel like fried eggs any longer.
Maybe I'll even manage to read a bit and refill the word-tanks.
So, that's the plan.
If your Monday has got you down, I really hope you can do something similar.

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