Monday, October 7, 2013

Black Heart

I stand in the dark,
in the black heart of myself,
and do not know "Me."

My wants, needs, desires
are whispers lost in the dark.
Strange, laughing voices.

The truth of myself,
a flickering, pallid light,
lost somewhere out there.

Visible. Distant.
A star to set my course by.
Shimmering. Fading.

Invisible now,
lost to sight, but still out there,
waiting to be seen.

The dark surrounds me,
created by me, spun from me,
a spider’s black web.

I am my own foe,
implacable and deadly,
eager to break me.

But I have heroes,
biding their time, waiting to strike,
when my star returns.

Its light is their light.
The darkness can only hide them.
It cannot break them.

It cannot break me.
Not unless I allow it.
I will not do that.

I am full of war.
Full of shadows and starlight,
angels and demons.

I stand in my heart,
amidst darkness and whispers,
gathering starlight.

The dark web dissolves,
the whispering voices hush,
and I see myself.

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