Monday, March 3, 2014

I bet George Lucas never had this problem....

How do you commemorate someone who you never met?
That’s a tough enough question on its own, dear readers, but add in the fact that the memorial in question is set in an alien civilization and it adds a whole new dimension to the problem.
And it is a problem.
I’m stuck, trying to come up with an alien memorial ceremony, for the book I’m working on.
But, hey! At least I’m writing. Right? Right!
And, best of all, the structure of this story has suddenly crystallized for me.  But I am blocked by the whole memorial question. Which has sent me scampering across the Internet, doing research on funeral ceremonies and memorials.
I’ve gotten a couple of ideas for the memorial, but nothing I really like. As for the funeral thing? Heh. I’m not even going near that, not right now.
Because killing everyone in this story would be far too tempting.

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