Monday, March 31, 2014

Oh Fuck It

Ladies and gentlemen, today has been a balls' up kind of day.
It started well enough. I got up and went to the bank, deposited a check and then stopped by the grocery store to use their Coin Star machine. (I love the Coin Star machine!).  
It seemed like a good day. The people at the bank were very pleasant. The Coin Star machine worked superbly and only refused to take two pennies.  
Then, considering the future of my townhouse, I went by the Other Bank to discuss some financial matters. And that's where the day started to get shitty.
I blame it entirely on the Other Bank, which seemed determined to sell me things that I wasn't really interested in, and weren't very helpful at all with the matter that I went there to discuss with them.
It put me in a right funk.
Then I learned that, because of some kind of shenanigans, a paycheck I'd deposited last week hadn't gone through. The details remain vague, but I was told the bank could resubmit the check and it would go through no problem.  All well and good, but on top of my experience at the Other Bank, a bit more irritating than it should have been.
So, after spending half the day dealing with financial nonsense, I decided to treat myself.  I would go and see The Grand Budapest Hotel at the movies.  It looked amusing, in the trailers, and, by that point, I could have used a good laugh.
Alas, although the movie was interesting, it wasn't really funny.  Not in the way that I really needed it to be.
So I came home and realized that I had not done a blog post and that, really, I was in no mood to write about anything.
But I pulled out my laptop, gentle readers, and powered it up.  Lying on my bed, head resting on oversized pillows, I went to Blogger determined to at least acknowledge that it was my usual day. Originally, I was just going to write something along the lines of, "Oh fuck it. I just don't feel like writing anything today. See you all next week."  Or something along those lines.
And instead, I have managed to produce this catalogue of the day's events and a description of my general malaise. 
So, there you have it, lovely people.
My Monday in a nut shell.
I don't know what's going to happen next, but it better fucking well be something good.
After today, I feel I deserve it.
And bonne nuit and bonne chance to all the lovely French visiting the site this week.

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