Monday, July 14, 2014


Gentle readers, making art is hard.
However, shopping for it, is even fucking harder.
I have been decorating my new place and have come to the part where I need some art for my walls.
I would like something like this:
However, all I seem to find is crap like this:

I know that stores have to appeal to the broadest audience possible to make a profit, but must every piece of art I come across contain either (a) a precious beach scene or (b) a French street scene?
I hesitate to use the word 'bourgeoisie' in a pejorative sense, but I can't think of any other term that so perfectly defines common artistic sensibilities.
I suppose I should just be glad I haven't stumbled across paintings or prints of super-cute kittens peeking out of basket of yarn.
If I did, I would probably explode from my sheer vitriolic response.

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