Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Some days are bad.
Those are the days,
I want to take off my skin
and look down,
to see what new thing
I have become.

Some days are worse.
Those are the days,
I want to open my head,
and rummage around,
taking the bad thoughts
out of my brain,
leaving only the good.

Some days are indescribable.
Those are the days
when no change will make
any difference,
so I sit and am still.

Some days are good.
Those are the days,
I close my eyes and look
inside myself and all I
see is the promise of light.

Some days are better than good.
Those are the days,
when it feels like I could sprout feathers,
grow wings, and ride the light breezes
up beyond the moon and behind the stars.

Some days just are.
Those are the days, gray as snails,
when I am unremarkable,
plodding along,
foggy headed,
just another piece in the machine.

Some day is today.

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