Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Baltimore Haiku

A city burning,
people screaming in the night.
Who hears what they say?

Media spinning.
Everyone claiming the truth,
like a cheap trophy.

No one hears the truth.
All they hear are their voices,
like ravens screaming.

Carrion birds flock,
wheeling above the city,
watching and waiting.

Smoke fills the night air.
Flames lick at the ebon sky.
Death-birds watch and wait.

The birds squawk and scream.
Their voices fill the dark air.
Watching. Uninvolved.

We are the black birds,
watching a city burning.
Forgetting the truth.

This is not a show.
This is not entertainment.
This is the real world.

People are hurting.
Baltimore is still burning.
This is NOT a show.

When will the fires die?
When will the healing begin?
Who takes the first step?

I don't have answers.
I don't know how to end this.
Baltimore still burns.

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