Monday, September 21, 2015


Good afternoon, gentle readers.
Today, I have been avoiding this blog like a politician avoids the truth.
Because writing has been difficult lately and producing this blog only drives that fact home.
So, I fall into avoidance mode.
"Oh! I can't work on the blog right now! I have to do laundry!"
"Oh! I can't possibly commit to writing anything right now! I have to pay my bills!"
"Oh! I was totally going to write a blog but then I saw that Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer had a baby and now I forget what I was going to write about!"
The excuses, ladies and gentlemen, have been many and contrived.
And, ironically, as I sit here, typing this on my much-abused laptop, I realize that they were not necessary.
Look, ma! I'm writing!
I may not be writing about anything earth-shaking, but I'm writing.
That's better than not writing.
Hope everyone out there has a good week!
And congratulations to Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer on the birth of their son, Anthony. If the kid is half as interesting as his parents, the future should be interesting.

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