Monday, February 29, 2016

Politics. Pheh!

Gentle readers, I'm going to ask for your forbearance today.  As a general rule, I try to avoid discussing politics.  However, as it is February 29th, a day that only comes around once every four years, and because we will be voting for a new President in the USA this year, I am going to comment very briefly on the current candidates.
Ladies and gentlemen, I think that we're pretty much fucked.
I wouldn't trust any of these people to sell peanuts at a circus. I certainly don't want any of them as my President.
At this point, three of the Republicans (Carson, Kasich and Cruz) don't actually have a hope in hell of winning the popular vote.  That leaves us with Rubio, Trump, Sanders and Clinton as potential candidates.
I'm tempted to call them the cream of the crop, but cream isn't the only thing that floats to the top, ladies and gentlemen.
Trump is a self-aggrandizing egotist. I don't think he gives a good goddamn about you, me or the country.  He wants to be President so he can strut across the world-stage and win global recognition. That's it.
Clinton isn't any better. She's a Washington insider, a career politician in the worst sense of the word. I don't trust her and I certainly don't respect her.  She'll promise the moon to her supporters but once she's in office, they'll be lucky if she even remembers them. She's just after money and power.
Marco Rubio strikes me as a deadbeat. Not only does he have the worst attendance in Congress, there are reports he has skipped out on paying his bills to numerous individuals over the years. Also, there are claims that he misappropriated funds from his own party to pay for personal things like house repairs, travel, groceries, etc.  Like Clinton, I think he wants the job for the money. Unlike her, he probably needs it to pay off his various debts.
As for Sanders? To me, Bernie Sanders is a one-note wonder. All he and his followers seem to talk about is free health care for everyone. Only, nothing is free. Someone, somewhere, has to pay for it.  His policies don't seem very well thought out and, to be honest, I think Bernie Sanders is just too damned old to be President.  The man is 74 years old! Sorry, but I'm not willing to vote for someone who's likely to drop dead in office.
Actually, Clinton and Trump aren't spring chickens either. If either of them croaked in office, who the hell would we get stuck with?
We'll have to see how things play out, but I don't hold out any hope that the next President will make things better for anyone but themselves.
As I said above, ladies and gentlemen, I think we're fucked.

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