Wednesday, September 26, 2012

National Sibling Day

Today is National Sibling Day.

I have a sibling. An older sister.

We don’t really talk.

In all honesty, the most recent interaction we’ve had has been on Facebook. Lately, I’ve been sending her extra lives in Sugar Rush.

We don’t phone or e-mail or exchange texts.

However, we are not estranged or anything like that. Our lives have just taken very different paths.

My sister is a wife and mother with a successful career involving math.

I am single, child-free and am trying to make a go of it as a writer.

She’s more of an extrovert.

I’ve always been more of an introvert.

She’s country-rock.

I’m more indie-pop.

Finding things that we have in common is sort of a challenge.

In a way, we’re sort of like The Odd Couple. I’ll leave it to the people who know us both to decide which is Felix Unger and which is Oscar Madison.

Our relationship, I think, works for us. It’s comfortable and worn in, like a pair of favorite tennis shoes.

Today is National Sibling Day.

I have a sister and, even though we don’t talk that often, I love her.

Even if she is a math weirdo. :)

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