Monday, October 29, 2012

A Rant About Looper

I was going to post a movie review of the film, Looper, here, but forget that.
Looper is the reason that I usually avoid movies involving time-travel like a plague.
The premise of the movie is that in the year 2074, if the mob wants someone killed, they send them back into the past where assassins called 'loopers' carry out the executions and the disposal of the bodies.  Eventually, every 'looper' is retired by being sent back into the past and killed by his younger self.
And I'm fine with this concept until the producers start doing things that screw with cause and effect. For instance, a young looper hesitates to kill his future self, leading to that future self's escape. So, what does the mob do? They take the young version and start systematically mutilating him.  They cut off his fingers, his nose, his tongue, his legs.  As they perform these mutilations, the older version transforms into a noseless, fingerless, tongueless, legless thing before getting blow away.
Only, if the guy was mutilated in his past (the present) how could he arrive from the future hale and hearty one minute and seriously mutilated the next?  It is a paradox.
Paradox, ladies and gentlemen, is the cardinal sin of time-travel.
Looper is guilty of this sin in spades, and that utterly ruined this movie for me.
I would rather sit through one of those awful time-travel episodes from Star Trek: Voyager than sit through this movie again, let alone recommend it to anyone.
The whole paradox thing just pisses me off that much.
Which is why this is not a review, but a rant.

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