Monday, May 16, 2016

Turn Away

Standing on the shore,
watching you float away,
drifting toward the other side,
obscured by clouds of gray.

What lies behind those clouds?
No one knows for sure.
I like to think its night there,
on that distant shore.

That the moon is full and fine,
that stars shine down on you.
That the crickets sing in harmony,
beneath a vault of blue.

And you rest upon the grassy banks,
your back against a tree,
looking back across the water,
rolling your eyes at me.

“Don’t make this all so maudlin.
We knew it was in the cards.
I lost the bet and paid the debt,
it wasn’t all that hard.”

“Stop being so dramatic,”
you say and look away.
“We’re all dying from the moment,
we first see the light of day.”

“So quit being such a ninny.
Turn around and walk away.
Go live your life and when you pay your debts,
I’ll see you on that day.”

It’s sound advice, I think,
and so turn my eyes away,
from the dark expanse that separates us,
and from walls of cloudy gray.

And if the sun seems dimmer,
as it rises in the east,
I know that this is just a phase,
and time will bring me peace.

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