Monday, August 22, 2016

Slimegirls for the win!

Last night, at my RPG, a fellow player said something about slimegirls and it inspired this. Thanks, Jason! ^_^


Slimegirls were created by a wizard called El Basticho over a hundred years ago, in his stronghold, the Tower of Fallen Graces.  No one is quite certain why El Basticho created the slimegirls, but they have outlived their creator and thrived, spreading all across Bezoar.

Slimegirls resemble attractive humanoid females composed of translucent or semitranslucent slime. Hair and skin color is identical and can range from pale gray to jet black and a whole spectrum of colors in between.  All slimegirls have gray-white eyes.

Although they resemble humanoid females, slimegirls are actually asexual and reproduce via cellular mitosis.  (Irregardless of this, they are all referred to using female pronouns.) Slimegirl reproduction occurs spontaneously once every six to nine months. During this process the slimegirl’s body becomes extremely gelatinous and she splits into two smaller, initially identical, beings.  Over time though physiological differentiation will occur in the offspring due to diet, environment and personal choice.

Slimegirls usually live in small groups, and seem to prefer warm and wet environments. They can eat almost any organic material with no ill effects, but dislike salt. They are not particularly intelligent and are difficult to harm.  To date, no known slimegirl has died from old age.

The slime they produce is both a defensive trait and a biological waste product. Research has revealed that this slime, when properly prepared, can accelerate healing in most humanoids. It has also been reported to possess certain aphrodisiacal qualities.

Slimegirl culture is genial. They don’t usually wear clothes but like jewelry. Their communities are gerontocracies where the eldest generation is in charge.  Although they enjoy meeting new people they are just as happy keeping to themselves.  They all venerate El Basticho, whom they consider their god, and most make a pilgrimage, at least once in their life, to the Tower of Fallen Graces.

Slimegirl adventurers are rare and most don't last long.  Their vulnerability to fire is too well known and too easily exploited.  That said, slimegirls adventuring underwater can be quite successful.

Most slimegirls, however, who leave their communities, referred to as pools, usually wind up working in the entertainment industry.  Slimegirl wrestling is totally a thing and very popular as both a participatory and spectator sport.

Slimegirls have the following common traits.

Ability Scores. Intelligence is -4 and Constitution is +3.

Age. Slimegirls are self-aware moments after fissioning from their parent. They are considered adults within three days.  They do not suffer any penalties from the passing of time.

Alignment. Most Slimegirls are of good or neutral alignments.

Size.  Slimegirls are roughly the same size as young human women. They are considered Medium.

Speed. Because of their gelatinous physiology, slimegirls are a little slower than most medium-sized humanoids. They have a base walking speed of 25 feet, and leave a trail of slick slime behind them wherever they go.

Amphibious. Slimegirls can breath air and water.

Tremorsense. Slimegirls are very sensitive to vibrations. They can detect and pinpoint the origin of vibrations within 30 feet of themselves, provided that they and the source of the vibrations are in contact with the same ground or substance.

Damage Resistance. Slimegirls are tougher than they look. They have a natural resistance to bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage and are immune to acid damage.

Flammable. Unfortunately, the slime that a slimegirl excretes is highly flammable. If touched by fire, they burst into flame and instantly die. No saving rolls. No death-saves. They just die.

Slippery. Because of their slick nature, all attempts to grapple a slimegirl are at disadvantage. If a slimegirl is successfully grappled, she has advantage on her attempt to escape the grapple.

Languages. Slimegirls speak Slimetongue, a breathy language of their own, and Common.

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