Thursday, October 6, 2016


I fall into you
like tears into the ocean.
I make no impact.

You take all I am
and just wash it all away,
diminishing me.

You don't care at all.
Not for me or anyone.
You are a cold fish.

Colder than the sea.
Heartless as the fishy friends
you catch on your hooks.

I want to hate you.
It should be so damn easy,
but you're beautiful.

Beautiful as ice.
More beautiful than the sun.
I want to hate you.

Why can't I hate you?
It would make things easier.
Simpler at the least.

Love's contradiction.
It lifts us up, throws us down.
Love is a traitor.

Love is your weapon.
Love and beauty both. Defiled.
Diminished. Beggared.

But I still want more,
still want you and your cold kiss.
And so I am done.

Sacrificed to love.
Stretched out on its cold altar,
waiting for the knife.

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