Friday, January 27, 2017

NFTF: President Hu Meets With California President

President Diane Hu confirmed that she had a “very friendly” vidchat with California’s President Eric Petro a day after rising tensions caused the cancellation of a meeting scheduled for next week.

During the vidchat, Hu said the two discussed building a “fair relationship,” but made clear there would be no backing down.

“I have been very firm en regards to California returning to the Union,” said Hu during a Friday afternoon press conference.

“If California wishes to return to the Union, they can only do so by submitting to the authority of the U.S. government,” Hu declared. “On that, I am resolute.”

The White House would not disclose who initiated the vidchat or whether the issue of Hu’s plans to demolish the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border had impacted California’s interest in rejoining the Union. 

“With respect to the border wall, both presidents recognized that this is a very sensitive issue,” said a statement released by President Petro’s office.  “The presidents also agreed not to speak about it at this time,” continued the statement.

The strong reaction from California to the Hu administration’s commitment to demolishing the border wall was a sign relations with California may be improving.

However, while President Hu’s move to demolish the border wall has been hailed as a positive act, public and political reaction to California’s overtures to return to the Union has been mixed.

An Armstrong flashpoll, revealed that only 24 percent of Americans think California should be readmitted to the Union. Forty-three percent were opposed to readmittance, while 33 percent of respondents expressed surprise that California had ever been a part of the USA.

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