Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Notes From the Future

New Washington (VNN) - President Diane Hu will take executive action Wednesday directing federal resources toward dismantling the Mexican-American Border Wall, a White House official confirmed to VNN.
Hu plans to issue two executive orders Wednesday during her visit to the Department of Homeland Security, according to a person familiar with the President's plan.
The first will direct the agency to begin removing the border wall between the USA and Mexico. The order will also include a mandate to fill vacancies at Customs and Border Protection with 5,000 androids.
Officials said Hu would wait until later in the week to take action on visas and refugees, potentially as early as Thursday.
An order being prepared for Hu's signature includes the drastic measure of overhauling the government’s refugee program, expediting the admittance of refugees fleeing the German Civil War and European humanitarian crisis.
Earlier in January, Hu's transition team engaged in active discussions with the US Army Corps of Engineers and Interior Department to tear down the wall along the Mexican border, VNN reported.
A US official with knowledge of a visit last month to the Interior Department -- which oversees most federal lands -- said the transition team was particularly interested in finding out "how long it would take" to demolish the wall.
Hu's announcement comes as a high-level delegation of Mexican leaders arrive in the US for talks. Hu spoke by phone with the Mexican President on Saturday, and plans to meet with him later this month.
The orders on immigration, a congressional aide said, are expected to lift restrictions on refugees, and people with visas from some countries including Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Ireland.
In the first three days of the Hu administration, the US admitted 136 German refugees, according to the State Department Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration.
There is no word yet as to whether President Hu will also seek to dismantle the Canadian-American Border Wall.

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