Saturday, April 8, 2017

Comic Recs

Kill Shakespeare - Past is Prologue: Juliet is a prequel to the excellent Kill Shakespeare series. Set a few months after the events in Romeo & Juliet, we are introduced to a troubled Juliet, still mourning the loss of her Romeo and at odds with the world around her. The first issue ends in a typical Shakespearean manner, with a blood-soaked tragedy, and opens the door on a couple of mysteries.

Rock Candy Mountain is one of those books that defines Image Comics as a risk-taking publisher. The first issue opens in 1948 with the Devil beating a bunch of hobos to death, and our mysterious protagonist, Jackson, jumping onto a train.  Jackson, it seems, is searching for the legendary Rock Candy Mountain. Most folks think he's crazy. But if the Devil's after you, how crazy can you be? In this first issue, Jackson befriends a hard luck case nicknamed Pomona and tussles with the Hobo Mafia. Yes, you read that right. Hobo. Mafia. The story is intriguing enough for me to want to pick up the second issue, even though I think the art could be a little tighter. Overall, though, it was a pretty good read.

I liked America Chavez. When she showed up in Young Avengers, she was a breath of fresh air. I still want her line, "The laws of physics can kiss my ass!" on a t-shirt. I even liked her in The Ultimates.
Her own series however? Not so much.
Last month, America #1 left me lukewarm at best regarding the character. She didn't come across as strong or independent, she just came across as bitchy and controlling. With this second issue of her book, I am officially done.
This book was just shitty. It's as if someone took a bunch of disparate ideas, mixed them in a blender, chugged them down, then vomited them back up on the page. The cover art leaves me feeling 'Meh' but the internals just make me sigh wistfully for art that actually looks finished.
Overall, this book was just a toxic mess. Avoid it like the plague.

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