Thursday, April 6, 2017

Lux Tenebris: Count Orziri

COUNT BARTIMUS ORZIRI, L19 Human Noble(Rogue 16/Bard 03)

STR     13 (+1)
DEX    20 (+5)
CON   13 (+1)
INT     15 (+2)
WIS     14 (+2)
CHA   14 (+2)
HP       155
AC       16 (Breastplate)

Languages: Common, Giant, Goblin, Thieves’ Cant

Proficiencies: +6
Armor: Light, Medium, Shields
Weapons: Simple, Martial
Tools: Disguise kit, Poisoners’ kit, Thieves’ tools, Lute, Chess
Saves: Dexterity +11, Intelligence +8
Skills: Acrobatics +17, History +14, Intimidation +14, Persuasion +14, Sleight of Hand +17, Stealth +17

Position of Privilege
* * *
Sneak Attack
Cunning Action
Roguish Archetype: Assassin
- Bonus Proficiencies
- Assassinate
- Infiltration Expertise
- Imposter
Uncanny Dodge
Reliable Talent
Slippery Mind
* * *
Bardic Inspiration (d6)
Jack of All Trades
Song of Rest (d6)
Bard College: College of Valor
- Bonus Proficiencies
- Combat Inspiration

# of Spells: 06
Spell DC: 16
Atk Mod: +8
At-Will(2): Blade ward, Message, True Strike
L1(4): Bane, Cure Wounds, Disguise Self, Thunderwave
L2(2): Invisibility, Phantasmal Force

Daggers (2). Melee. +11 to hit; deals 1d4 +5 piercing. Ranged, 20/60 ft.
Rapier. Melee. +11 to hit; deals 1d8 +5 piercing. Finesse.
Shortsword. Melee. +11 to hit; deals 1d6 +5 piercing. Finesse, Light.
Breastplate. Defense. AC 14 + Dex Mod (max 2).
A burglar’s pack, Thieves’ tools, a set of fine clothes, a signet ring, a scroll of pedigree, a purse w/25 gp.

There are a lot of stories about Count Bartimus Orziri, ruler of Alindor. People say he has giant blood flowing in his veins, because of his size and strength. They whisper about the affair he had with a Veil agent in in his youth, that it was she who taught him the skills he used as assassin and spy during the Nine Years War. They say that when Bartimus returned from the battlefield, and assumed his noble title, he didn’t smile for ten years. People say Orziri hasn’t smiled once since the Draconic Empire made a haphazard effort to invade the Southern Palatines, a year ago. Some people claim Orziri is the man who united the squabbling noble houses of the South against a common enemy, that he sits at the heart of a web of assassins who have been methodically eliminating key members of the Draconic Legions to destabilize their command structure. They say he employs wizards to harry the Legions and has armed bands of tiefling zealots intent on murdering the dragonborn invaders. No one knows if any of these stories are true, but there is one thing everyone accepts: Count Orziri will not let Alindor, or the rest of the Southern Palatines, fall to the Draconic Empire. He will do whatever he has to, to ensure that.

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