Friday, April 21, 2017

Lux Tenebris: High Magister Osre


STR     12 (+1)
DEX    15 (+2)
CON   16 (+3)
INT     16 (+3)
WIS     20 (+5)
CHA   18 (+4)
HP       130
AC      18 (Scale Male & Shield)

Proficiencies: +6
Armor: Light, Medium, Shields
Weapons: Simple
Tools: None
Saves: Wisdom +11, Charisma +10
Skills: Insight +11, Religion +9

Divine Domain: Arcana
- Arcane Initiate
- Spell Breaker
- Potent Spellcasting
- Arcane Mastery
Channel Divinity: Turn Undead, Arcane Abjuration
Destroy Undead (Undead CR 4 or lower)
Divine Intervention

# of Spells: 25
Spell DC: 19
Atk Mod: +11
At-Will (5/2): Guidance, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Resistance, Thaumaturgy
L1(4): detect magic, magic missile, bane, healing word, protection from evil & good
L2(3): magic weapon, Nystul’s magic aura, enhance ability, lesser restoration, spiritual weapon
L3(3): dispel magic, magic circle, protection from energy, remove curse, spirit guardians
L4(3): arcane eye, Leomund’s secret chest, banishment, death ward, guardian of faith
L5(3): planar binding, teleportation circle, greater restoration, hallow, raise dead
L6(2): true seeing, blade barrier, forbiddance, heal
L7(2): teleport, conjure celestial, divine word, plane shift
L8(1): demiplane, antimagic field, holy aura,
L9(1): gate, true resurrection

Mace. Melee. +7 to hit; deals 1d6 +1 bludgeoning.
Light x-bow. Ranged, 80/320. +8 to hit; deals 1d8 +2 piercing. Loading. 2-Handed.
Scale mail. Medium armor. AC 14 + Dex Mod (Max 2). Disadv on Stealth
Shield. Defense. AC +2.
A holy symbol, a prayer book, 5 sticks of incense, vestments, a set of common clothes, an explorer’s pack, a belt pouch w/15 gp.

South of Alindor, is the Theocratic State of Alindema. Flanked on the east by Alinshrae, on the west by Alindrast and to the south by Hylondek, Alindema is the smallest of the Southern Palatine states, but also, arguably, the most powerful.
A theocracy, ruled by the Iornean Church, the Church is led by High Magister Hoben Osre. Within Alindema, High Magister Osre’s word is absolute law. During his tenure as High Magister he has transformed Alindema into a stronghold for magic-users. Indeed, in Alindema, only those gifted with magic may own property or vote. All non-mages are second-class citizens, who serve the Iornean Church and its members. Merchants and travelers who wish to pass through Alindema, must first demonstrate some magical ability. Those who cannot are denied entry into the country.
Intelligent and charismatic, Osre has observed the Draconic Empire’s invasion of the west with a cold, calculating eye. When the Draconic Legions turned south and threatened the Southern Palatines, Osre was one of the first to offer assistance to Count Orziri of Alindor. The Count accepted the High Magister’s assistance with guarded suspicion, but dared not rebuff it.
The High Magister’s alliance with Alindor did not go unnoticed by the leaders of the other Southern Palatines.  They quickly followed Osre’s example, allying with Alindor against the Draconic invaders.
Many people expected Osre and Alindema’s role in the war to be supportive, perhaps providing intelligence or material support. Everyone was surprised when the High Magister deployed Paladin-General Starblood and his Arcane Legion to the front lines. They decimated the Draconic Legion’s military spellcasters, and cleared a path for the operatives who sabotaged the tarrasque summoning ceremony. Afterwards, the Arcane Legion returned to Alindema and the High Magister’s support for the alliance became predominantly advisory.
Nevertheless, it is widely suspected that the High Magister’s actions during the invasion were carefully calculated. That he deployed the Arcane Legion to remind his neighbors and allies of the power Alindema could deploy if threatened. 

There are rumors the Draconic Empire dispatched secret envoys to Alindema, seeking an alliance, but that the offer was rebuffed.  More alarming to many are the whispers that the High Magister receives celestial messengers from the goddess Iorne herself, instructing him to keep Alindema on a war-footing. There are reports the Arcane Legion has been repositioned on the country’s western border and that the High Magister is preparing for war with Alinshrae.

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