Monday, May 7, 2012

Banner of Books!

Hello again, gentle readers.
Above, you see a banner I created this morning, intending to use as a cover for a public Facebook Page. That, alas, did not come about, but I was so pleased with this banner that I decided to share it with all of you.

The Death of Faith, The Finishers and Hellbound on the Sugar Train are available for purchase and download at and

The Finishers is the obligatory zombie story that every genre writer has to produce.  I believe it's one of the awful Unwritten Rules, that keep changing on us.

Hellbound on the Sugar Train is set in an alternate reality where Richard Nixon was a rock star and Marshall Mathers III is President of the United States which has a huge trade deficit with the Magical Land of Oz.  It also contains smugglers, drug dealers, revolutionaries, crackheads and an assassin.

The Death of Faith stands out a bit in what I'm offering, as it isn't a 'genre' book, but straight up literature.  It concerns the aftermath of a young woman's suicide, how her family copes.  It's the book I recommend to "ordinary people."

Surprise Vignettes is my current project. In it, I introduce a character who's been rattling around my head for a while, the lovely and talented Professor Surprise.  In the collection, you'll get a glimpse of her world, and the threats she faces with zest, violence and a unique dress sense.

Dawnwind: Last Man Standing is an 80,000+ word sci-fi novel soon to be released.  John Epcott is the Last Human. Rescued from a disease-ravaged Earth by friendly aliens, the novel tells the tale of his life among the friendly Junians and his unorthodox rise through the ranks of their military, until he is given command of the starship, Dawnwind.

And there you have it, gentle readers. Spread the word!

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