Friday, May 11, 2012

A Bit of Doggerel


Shall I kiss you?
Shall I court you?
Shall we dance the night away?
Shall we marry now?
Or tarry?
Until the month of May?
Shall we have a grand adventure?
An elopement in the dark!
Shall we run away by moonlight?
Riding horses through the park?
Another glass of wine, my dear?
Another sip? Or two?
Perhaps you’d care for kisses now,
until the morning dew.
I’ll satisfy your wants, my dear,
your desires are my own.
But I cannot bear your harsh looks, love,
they cut me to the bone.
And when you deign to leave me,
as so many ladies do,
shrinking back from my regard
I won’t wish ill of you.
I’ll be fine,
I’ll move along,
I’ll find a brand-new love.
But in my heart
you’ll have a space,
my little turtle dove.
And if we meet,
upon the street,
as so many lovers do.
I hope and pray,
that on that day,
you won’t begrudge
the cash I took,
to remind myself
of you.

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