Saturday, May 27, 2017

Computer Woes

Hello, gentle readers.
Well, I was wondering if I should continue writing up more stuff for Lux Tenebris and then, this afternoon my computer decides to die on me.
The stupid fucking piece of shit.
Thank God I backed up most everything on a flashdrive. Take this as friendly advice, ladies and gentlemen: always back up your stuff. Always.
The only thing I lost that I'm sort of pissed about is a short story I was working on. I was a few pages in and really hitting my stride. Now, alas, that story has sailed off to the Land of Ghosts & Winds.
I think I can reproduce most of it, from memory, but it won't have the same flavor. Thinking about it, though, I'm not sure that's a bad thing.
If I sound calm and chill about this, I'm really not.
I'm actually kind of pissed this happened. That computer was barely a year old and now it's kaput and I had to go out and get a new one. Which means loading all my software on yet another system and hoping its backwards compatible.
I miss my old computer. :(

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