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Lux Tenebris: Rose & Thorn

Rose and her brother, Thorn, are twins, although this is not obvious to the casual observer. Rose is a beautiful human girl, with flowing red-gold hair, dark eyes and a peaches-n-cream complexion. Thorn is a red-skinned tiefling, with ebon goat’s horns emerging from his brow, black eyes, pronounced canine teeth and ears that taper to knife-points.
The twins were born in Hylondek to a ragtag family of merchants, bards and adventurers. Their early childhood was idyllic and the twins were inseperable. But their fortunes took a harsh turn after their thirteenth birthday, when revolution swept Hylondek and the Crucible, a brutal, human-centric regime, took over the country. The twins’ family tried to flee to Alindrast but were stopped and imprisoned by the new regime. Rose and Thorn watched as their parents were crucified. Afterwards, the twins were separated. Rose was sent to a Crucible convent-school where the sisters attempted to scourge her family’s sins with frequent beatings. Thorn was sold into slavery, forced to fight in the arena for the amusement of the regime’s leaders.
After a year in the convent, Rose was approached by a devil with a bargain. She accepted, agreeing to perform a certain number of services for him, in exchange for power. Using her new abilities, she fled the convent and found Thorn. Rescuing him from the arena, the two joined a resistance movement and were instrumental in bringing down the Crucible regime.
Afterwards, the twins left Hylondek, to hunt down and execute the Crucible leaders who had managed to escape. When the Draconic Invasion threatened the Southern Palatines, Rose and Thorn offered their services to Count Orziri as assassins and spies. The count accepted their offer and it was Rose and Thorn who brought him news of the tarrasque summoning ceremony.
Since the Draconic Legions have retreated from the South, the twins have resumed hunting for the Crucible leaders. They have received reliable information that some have fled to Shrike, which is now held by the Draconic Empire. The twins are making plans to infiltrate Shrike, and have made tentative contact with the resistance movement within the city. Their experiences liberating Hylondek would be a boon to the Shrike resistance, and the resources of the resistance would assist the twins enormously in hunting down their targets.

* * * * *

ROSE, L11 Human Warlock
STR     09 (-1)
DEX    11 (+0)
CON   13 (+1)
INT     14 (+2)
WIS     15 (+2)
CHA   20 (+5)
HP       69
AC      11(Leather armor)/13(Armor of Shadows)

Language: Common, Infernal

Proficiencies: +4
Armor: Light
Weapons: Simple
Tools: None
Saves: Wisdom +6, Charisma +9
Skills: Arcana +6, Deception +9, Perception +6, Survival +6

Keen Mind
* * * * *
Otherworldly Patron: The Fiend
- Dark One’s Blessings
- Dark One’s Own Luck
- Fiendish Resilience
Eldritch Invocations: Armor of Shadows, Devil’s Sight, Fiendish Vigor, Mask of Many Faces, Thirsting Blade
Pact Boon: Pact of the Blade
Mystic Arcanum: L6 Circle of Death

Pact Magic:
# of Spells: 11
Spell DC: 17
Atk Mod: +9
At-Will (4): Chill Touch, Eldritch Blast, Poison Spray, Prestidigitation
L1: Burning Hands, Charm Person, Expeditious Retreat
L2: Blindness/Deafness, Invisibility
L3: Fireball, Gaseous Form
L4: Blight, Wall of Fire
L5 (3): Flame Strike, Scrying

Daggers (3). Melee. +4 to hit; deals 1d4 piercing. Ranged, 20/60 ft. Finesse, Light, Thrown.
Light x-bow. Ranged, 80/320 ft. +4 to hit; deals 1d8 piercing. Ammo, Loading, 2-Handed.
Leather armor. Light armor. AC 11 + Dex Mod.
Arcane focus, a dungeoneer’s pack

* * * * * 

THORN, L12 Tiefling Fighter

STR     20 (+5)
DEX    14 (+2)
CON   16 (+3)
INT     13 (+1)
WIS     10 (+0)
CHA   10 (+0)
HP       102
AC      15 (Chain Shirt)

Hellish Resistance.
Infernal Legacy
Languages: Common, Infernal

Proficiencies: +4
Armor: All armor, Shields
Weapons: Simple, Martial
Tools: None
Saves: Strength +9, Constitution +7
Skills: Acrobatics +6, Athletics +9, Perception +4, Survival +4

* * * * *
Fighting Style: Two-Weapon Fighting
Second Wind
Action Surge (1/Rest)
Martial Archetype: Eldritch Knight
- Weapon Bond
- War Magic
- Eldritch Strike
Extra Attack (+2)

# of Spells: 08
Spell DC: 13
Atk Mod: +5
1/Day: Hellish Rebuke (L2), Darkness (L2). Spell DC: 12, Atk Mod: +4
At-Will (3): Thaumaturgy(R), Firebolt, Ray of Frost, Shocking Grasp
L1 (4): Alarm, Magic Missile, Sleep, Thunderwave
L2 (3): Continual Flame, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Scorching Ray, Shatter

Scimitars (2). Melee. Weapon Bond. +9 to hit; deals 1d6 +5 slashing. Finesse, Light.
Light x-bow. Ranged, 80/320 ft. +6 to hit; deals 1d8 +2 piercing. Loading. 2-handed.
Chain shirt. Medium armor. AC 13 + Dex Mod (+2 Max).
An explorer’s pack

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