Sunday, March 12, 2017

Lux Tenebris: Capt. Abel Brine

CAPT. ABEL BRINE, L9 Stout Halfling Pirate & Eldritch Knight

STR     15 (+2)
DEX    20 (+5)
CON   16 (+3)
INT     11 (+0)
WIS     14 (+2)
CHA   11 (+0)
HP       78
AC      16 (Leather armor)

Halfling Nimbleness
Stout Resilience
Languages: Common, Halfling

Proficiencies: +4
Armor: All armor, Shields
Weapons: Simple, Martial
Tools: Navigator’s tools, Vehicles: Water
Saves: Strength +6, Constitution +7
Skills: Athletics +6, Intimidation +4, Perception +6, Survival +6

Bad Reputation
* * *
FS: Archery
Second Wind
Action Surge
Martial Archetype: Eldritch Knight
- Weapon Bond
Extra Attack

# of Spells: 6
Spell DC: 12
Atk Mod: +4
At-Will(2): Firebolt, Ray of Frost
L1(4): Healing Word, Magic Missile, Thunderwave
L2(2): Gust of Wind, Scorching Ray, Shatter

Shortbow. Ranged, 80/320 ft; +11 to hit; deals 1d6 +5 piercing. 2-handed. Weapon Bond.
Daggers(3). Melee; +9 to hit; deals 1d4 +5 piercing. Ranged, 20/60 ft.
Scimitar. Melee; +9 to hit; deals 1d6 +5 slashing. Finesse, Light. Weapon Bond.
Leather armor. Defense. AC 11 + Dex Mod.
An explorer’s pack, a belaying pin, 50 ft of silk rope, a lucky charm, a set of common clothes, a belt pouch with 10gp.

Captain Abel Brine is the owner/captain of The Little Bastard.  Both ship and master have a dubious reputaiton in the waters around the coast, a reputation that follows them to Avoree when they put in for repairs or resupply. Brine does very little trade in Avoree, but when he does he pays in good gold.
There are rumors that Brine is, or was, a pirate. The halfling doesn’t encourage such speculation. He and his crew can become quite unpleasant at the mere mention of the rumors.
Folk on Avoree aren’t particularly impressed with Captain Brine or his crew. People still talk about the time Hellhammer beat three of Brine’s half-orc crew on his own. After that incident, Brine and his crew were banned from The Laughing Dolphin. Now, when they come ashore they can usually be found at Avoree’s only other bar, The Gull’s Rest.
During the invasion, Brine was absent from the island. When he and his ship did reappear, the rumor was that he was off raiding vessels down the coast.

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