Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lux Tenebris: General Fulcrys

GENERAL FULCRYS, L10 Human Fighter

STR     16 (+3)
DEX    13 (+1)
CON   16 (+3)
INT     12 (+1)
WIS     12 (+1)
CHA   09 (-1)
HP       84
AC      18 (Chain mail & Shield)

Languages: Common, Elvish.

Proficiencies: +4
Armor: All armor, Shields
Weapons: Simple, Martial
Tools: Chess set, Veh: Land
Saves: Strength, Constitution
Skills: Athletics, History, Insight, Intimidation

Military Rank
Fighting Style: Dueling
Second Wind
Action Surge
Martial Archetype: Battle Master
- Combat Superiority
- - Manuevers: Commander’s strike, Goading attack, Menacing attack, Precision attack, Rally
- - Superiority Dice (5d8)
- - Manuever Saving DC: 15
- Student of War
- Know Your Enemy
Extra Attack

Warhammer. Melee. +7 to hit; deals 1d8 +3 bludgeoning. Versatile (1d10).
Handaxes (2). Melee. +7 to hit; deals 1d6 +3 slashing. Ranged, 20/60 ft. +5 to hit; deals 1d6 +1 slashing.
Chain mail. Defense. AC 16. Min Str 13. Disadvantage on Stealth.
Shield. Defense. AC +2
Dungeoneer’s pack.
A rank insignia, a trophy from an enemy, a momento from an old lover, a set of common clothes, a belt pouch w/10gp

Noan Fulcrys is the self-appointed Governor-General of the city of Mountgate. Before the war, Fulcrys was a member of the Small Council which advised the Lord-Governor of Mountgate. When the war began, Fulcrys urged the Lord-Governor to fortify the city. He was ignored. As a result, Mountgate eventually fell to the Draconic forces, aided by dissidents within the city itself.
The Draconic legions decided to make an example of Mountgate to the surrounding communities; they raised the Upper City with fire and sword, while enslaving the bulk of the Lower City’s male population and marching them away to an unknown fate.  Fulcrys and his forces were pinned outside the city, eventually forced to surrender. Fortunately, the General was able to negotiate adequate terms with his Draconic counterpart. They were allowed to throw down their arms and return to Mountgate.
Fulcrys found the city in total chaos. He rallied his men and put down the worst of the rioters, eventually seizing control of the city and naming himself Governor-General. Mountgate sat out the rest of the war, as Fulcrys brought the city to heel and began the long process of rebuilding.
When the war ended and the Draconic legions withdrew from the west, many people thought Fulcrys would relinquish control of Mountgate.  That didn’t happen. The general remained firmly in control of the city, even tightening his grip.

As he has squeezed the city, the citizens have reacted by starting to leave. People have fled to the surrounding villages and even to Darkwater. Fulcrys is determined that he will restore Mountgate and has begun to send out ‘requisition parties’ to the surrounding communities, seizing raw materials, skilled tradesmen and strong laborers.  As a result, there is an active resistance growing to Fulcrys’s regime outside Mountgate.  Within the city, the criminal organization known as the Veil has thrown their support behind a member of Fulcrys’s inner circle, Vasta Ramanon, who is planning to move against Fulcrys and seize power herself.

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