Monday, March 13, 2017

Lux Tenebris: Shrike

Before the Invasion, the city of Shrike was best known for its university. Since the Invasion, Shrike is now better known as the first city to surrender to the Draconic Empire. The city of 18,000 people is now occupied by the Draconic Empire and has become a fallback point for the imperial legions as they withdraw from the West.

The empire has fortified the city, and fresh troops are constantly arriving at Shrike. Any hope the citizens had that they could overthrow the occupying army has quickly died. That said, an organized resistance has sprung up, but so far their efforts have been devoted to gathering intelligence and trying to establish safe routes West to transfer their intelligence to someone who could use it.

Shrike is currently ruled by Governor-General Crakon Darrix.  She governs the city with a firm hand, in anticipation of the day when it is formally annexed into the Draconic Empire.

Shrike has six districts.

The Brightcoin District is the mercantile heart of the city.  During the siege, the Brightcoin District was fairly quiet, but as the occupation continues, a semblance of life has returned to this district.

The North Quarter. Shrike’s wealthy families reside in the North Quarter. The area is heavily patrolled by the occupying Draconic forces, and the quarter’s noble residents have had to provide hostages to the occupying forces to ensure their good behavior.

Rosewell is a pleasant, mostly residential, neighborhood. The residents are mostly working class persons. It is also the site of the Temple of Lukrym, the God of Life.

Spearshield District is the oldest part of the city. It holds the city’s administrative offices as well as the headquarters of the Guard and the Watch.  Governor Darrix’s headquarters is located here, as well as the new Imperial Court.

Two Pennies. Wedged between the Brightcoin District and the University District is the area called Two Pennies.  Two Pennies is the home of Shrike’s poorest residents. Crime and violence are rife in the city, and there is a strong Draconic presence in the neighborhood.

The University District is the home of the University of Shrike. The university is what put Shrike on the map; it is considered one of the finest learning institutions in the Westlands and is largely responsible for the city’s prosperity.

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