Tuesday, March 7, 2017


The other night I made the mistake of watching a new sit-com called Powerless.  It is touted as the first sit-com to be set in the DC Comics universe. The show was apparently retooled since its initial inception; originally it was meant to be set in an insurance company called Retcon Insurance, but then the setting was changed to Wayne Security.
I guess they thought tying the show into the Batman mythos would give it a boost?
If so, they need to hire new consultants.
This show has an amazing cast. So it's shocking just how bad and humorless it actually is. I've watched four episodes and I don't think I laughed once.  Actually, I don't think I smiled once.
I'm not the only one.
Apparently, the show's ratings are in the toilet.  If I'm reading the figures right, the show has lost over half their initial viewership.  I believe the series has also lost some of its key production personnel, as well, a pretty clear sign that it's going belly up.
The thing is, a show like Powerless could have worked. Not necessarily as a comedy, but maybe as a dramedy. Dump the connections to Bruce Wayne. Keep it in Charm City, but set it in a police department or a federal agency that deals with the aftermath of superhero battles. Use that fucking amazing cast (Dani Pudi! For God's sake, you've got Dani Pudi and you aren't letting him be funny!), give them a decent script and the show could have taken off like a rocket!
Instead, NBC/DC went with a shitty sit-com that isn't even funny compared to the 1966 Batman t.v. show. They have no one to blame for the inevitable failure of this tepid piece of shit but themselves.

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