Friday, September 23, 2016

Mystery Girl

Trine Hampstead knows everything. Just knows it. Ask her a question like "Where are my keys?" or "Is my husband cheating on me?" or "How can there be perfectly preserved mammoths in the ice of Siberia when the ice isn't that old?" and she just knows the answer.  She's the Mystery Girl.
The only thing she doesn't know is how she got her ability. But that's a mystery for later.  The mystery for now is about those mammoths.  Trine knows why they're there but surprises anyone who knows her by leaving her London-based sidewalk-detective setup to go to Siberia and see them for herself. And close behind is a vicious killer who is targeting her for reasons even Trine doesn't know . . . yet.

This was a very entertaining trade with likeable characters. Trine's gift does make her a bit of a duex ex machina, but it's handled very well and the character's innate likability doesn't hurt either.
It's a bit different, but give it a try. You might like it.

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