Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Odekor - Day 21


Dragons do not currently exist on Odekor, but they did in the past.  Approximately eight thousand years ago, dragons dominated the planet.  Their empires stretched across all five continents and they used the other races as pawns in their wars and conflicts.
Some dragons were benevolent rulers. Others were cruel tyrants.  In the end, Odekor fell under the domination of eight dragons.
On Ashada, Bloody Narj ruled the southern portion of the continent with an iron fist.  Sedaa the Silver controlled the northern half.  Between these two, Dejema the Viper, a cunning green dragon had carved out and successfully held a territory of her own.
Birichir fell completely under the authority of Bhashaba the Wise.  An ancient copper dragon, Bhashaba is believed to have taught the dwarves their famous skill with forge and hammer.
Ancient Choan was hotly contested by three dragons: Ranog the White, Sapphire Idasha and Urus the Green. These three were utterly ruthless in their quest for power and untold numbers of humanoids died because of them.
Leam fell under the control of a red dragon known as Dhin, the Scarlet Death.  Although the youngest of the dominant dragons, Dhin was probably the most ambitious.
The dragons would probably have retained control of Odekor if they had not become arrogant. They came to believe themselves the equal to the gods, and some, like the Scarlet Death and Sapphire Idasha, ordered their humanoid slaves to worship them as if they were gods.
The gods responded to this hubris by diminishing the dragons, making them small and mortal. Seeing this, their humanoid slaves rose up in rebellion.
Most of the dragons were slain. Those who were not slunk away to live out their long lives in misery and fear.
Only Bhashaba was spared the gods’ ire.  He lived out the rest of his life among the dwarves of Birichir. When he died, his remains were secured within a secret vault, far beneath the earth.  Its location has been forgotten but Bhashaba’s Tomb has become legendary.  There is a story that when the dragon died, his entire body was transmuted to purest gold.

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