Monday, September 19, 2016

Odekor - Day 19

Player Classes - Part One

Barbarians. Since the War ended and the godstorms ravaged Odekor, you would think barbarism would be the norm for most of the world. However, even though the Empire may be no more, its trappings and influence remain.  The majority of the Common Races seek to reestablish some form of civilization. An aarakocra barbarian is almost a contradiction in terms. Outcast troglodytes might descend into savagery and naturally gravitate toward this class, but not the majority. Only the kobolds might fit easily into this class, given the fact that so many of them now live in the wilds.

Bards. Even in the harrowing world, people will still want to take some time to enjoy life. Bards might be rare, but they would definitely exist.  Gnomes would be the most likely to gravitate toward this class, but it wouldn’t be hard to envision any member of the Common Races as a bard. Elderly aarokocra, no longer fit for fight or flight, might find a niche in their citadels, recounting deeds of valor from the past.  A kenku bard would naturally gravitate toward the College of Lore, learning a little of everything.  Troglodyte bards might spend their time composing and reciting poems to preserve their people’s history.  Kobold bards would excel at storytelling and, possibly, shadow puppetry.

Clerics. Religious faith is in short supply on Odekor.  Three of the Cardinal Gods are dead, Ledara and Ormothir don’t seem inclined to answer prayers, and the afterlife is in disarray. Nevertheless, some faith does persist. And where there is true faith, there is the possibility of the miraculous. That said, clerics are extremely rare on Odekor and the class is restricted to kobolds.

Druids.  Odekor was ravaged by the War, but nature is nothing if not adaptable.   There weren’t many druids before the War, but in its aftermath the class has exploded.   In many cultures, druids now occupy the position once held by clerics thanks to their ability to heal. They exist on the fringes of the world, preserving and protecting the fragile natural domain from those who would despoil it. Kenku are the most likely of the Common Races to be druids, thanks to their innate wisdom, followed by the aarakocra.

Fighters. Odekor’s history is one of martial conquest and domination. It should come as no surprise to anyone that this trend continues.  Fighters exist among all the Common Races, but are most prevalent among the aarakocra and the troglodytes. However, the fighters of each race usually embrace different traditions.  Aarakocra are most likely to become battle masters, while troglodytes and kobolds embrace the champion archetype and eldritch knights are most common among kenku and gnomes

Monks.  Even before the War, the kenku were practically synonymous with monks. That hasn’t changed since the War ended.  Kenku monks are common, especially along the Pilgrim’s Road.
The monastic life appeals to many troglodytes and their monasteries generally focus on the Way of the Open Hand. Some aarakocra monks exist, embracing the Way of the Four Elements, while kobold and goblin monks tend to embrace the Way of Shadows.

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