Saturday, September 3, 2016

Odekor - Day 3

Once the race of men swarmed across the face of Odekor.  Guided by their gods, they built a vast empire that spanned all five continents.  The other races either acquiesced to human rule or were ruthlessly subjugated.
The Empire of Choan lasted over two thousand years.  They built vast cities and criss-crossed the continents with well-maintained roads.  In their cities, they built temples to their gods and monuments to their own great leaders.
According to prophecy, the Empire of Choan should have weathered the War.  Humanity should have survived the End of the World, and ascended to the Fields of Joy to live in endless happiness and pleasure among the Blessed.
That didn’t happen.
When the storm swept the world, humanity died.  From the oldest grandmother to the youngest babe, the race was wiped from the face of Odekor.  The Empire of Choan ended in fire and pain.
Today, all that remains are shattered roads, fallen temples and shattered monuments to human pride.
Humanity died, but they did not remain dead for long.  The necrotic energies saturating Odekor revived most of the race as zombies.
Human undead stagger along the broken roads. They lurk in the ruins of the cities. Among fallen monuments, undead humans wait in ambush, ready to devour the flesh of the unwary.

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