Thursday, September 8, 2016

Odekor - Day 8

The Stonewoods.
They stand in silent testimony to the old world’s death, once lush forests transformed into lifeless stone. On the continent of Choan, the stonewoods cover almost 120,000 square miles, extending west from the coast to the Panitir Foothills and as far north as the Afaraq Wastes.
People tend to avoid the stonewoods. They are the home to many monstrous denizens ranging from predatory scavengers to oozes and worse.  Undead haunt many of the stonewoods, particularly those close to the ruins of human settlements.
Druids who have ventured into the stonewoods claim that the trees are still alive, just . . . different. If pressed for details, however, they get quite irrate.  Many people assume these druids are mad and wisely don’t press the issue.
During windy days it is wise to avoid the stonewoods.  Their limbs and leaves are brittle and when shaken by a stiff breeze can snap and fall, seriously injuring or killing anyone beneath them.

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