Thursday, September 15, 2016

Odekor - Day 15

The Cardinal Gods

At the time of the War there were five principal gods worshiped by the races of Odekor. Each of them corresponded to a particular point on the compass and so they were commonly known as the Cardinal Gods.

Tesenre was the God of the North. He was usually depicted as a tall, weatherbeaten man wearing a gray cloak and carrying a staff.  Tesenre’s domains included Nature, Trickery and Destruction. He did not survive the War.

Ledara is the Goddess of the South. She was usually depicted as a tall, attractive woman with dark hair dressed in robes of red.  Ledara’s domains included Life, Peace and Secrets. She did survive the War.

Eligel was the God of the East.  He was usually portrayed as a barrel-chested man with a flowing yellow beard carrying a lantern.  Eligel’s domains included Cities, Death, Knowledge and Tempest.  The Emperors of Choan claimed to be descended from him. Eligel did not survive the War.

Ailiel was the Goddess of the West. She was usually described as a silver-haired woman dressed all in blue, armed with a burning sword. Her domains were Darkness, Light and War.  Ailiel did not survive the War.

Ormothir is the God of the Center.  He sits at the heart of all things and his domains encompass all of the other gods as well as Fate, Luck and Prophecy.  Ormothir is usually described as an old man, either blind or just blindfolded, sitting on a mat and holding the world in his hands.  Ormothir survived the War.

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