Monday, September 12, 2016

Odekor - Day 12

They survived when humans were wiped out, when the elves and dwarves were reduced to a few thousand, scattered across the face of Odekor.
Small. Reptilian. Craven.
They appeared on the continent of Choan, and were considered pests by most of the other races. Even the goblins looked down their noses at the kobolds.
The kobolds were simple hunter/gatherers who were enslaved, or more often slaughtered, by other races.  In civilized society, they were used as dim-witted servants or stupider-than-usual slaves.  Their best quality was that they could be cowed with a threat.  Longer lasting loyalty was assured by a steady supply of meals.
Emperor Tytan had an inordinate fondness for kobolds.  During his reign the race flourished and when he died, the kobolds began worshiping his spirit as an ascended god.  The established religious authority didn’t much care for this, but they were forbidden to intervene.
When the War happened, and the godstorms ravaged Odekor, the kobolds managed to survive. Since the end of the War, the race has thrived.
Today, there are more kobolds than dwarves, elves or gnomes. They are the fourth most common race on the planet and, if they continue to reproduce as they are, they may soon become the third.
Most kobolds on Odekor have returned to the wild, managing to eek out an existence among the stonewoods of Choan.  Some work as servants for the kenku, or slaves among the troglodytes. Gnomes appreciate kobolds; they can do simple tasks reasonably well and when they inevitably mess up, kobold flesh tastes surprisingly like chicken.
Most kobolds, however, live in the wilds as hunters and gatherers. Their culture is simple, with the best provider leading the pack.  Weirdly, they still revere and pray to Emperor Tytan. What’s stranger still is that there are functional Clerics of Tytan among the race, making them unique among all the survivors of Odekor.

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